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Beans, Grains & Rice


Gourmet Spice Company, Gourmet Spices, Spice Blends


10 Way Bean Blend
21 Bean Blend

Adzuki Beans
Anasazi Beans
Appaloosa Beans

Bean & Pea Blend
Black Beans, Fermented
Black Turtle Beans

Calypso Beans
Black Canario Beans (Mayacoba)
Cannellini Beans
Christmas Mix Corona Beans Sweet White Runner
Cranberry Beans
Eight Bean Blend
European Soldier Beans Fava Beans
Extra Large Flageolet Beans
French French Navy Beans
Garbanzo Beans 8 mm
Garbanzo Beans
Black Gigande (Giant White)
Beans Gourmet
Bean Blend Great Northern
Beans Habas (Peeled Fava Beans)
Habas (Peeled Fava Beans)
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Kidney Beans, Dark Red
Kidney Beans, Light Red

Lima Beans, Baby Butter
Lima Beans, Christmas
Lima Beans, Giant Peruvian
Lupini Beans (Extra Large)

Marrow Beans
Mung Beans, Split
Mung Beans, Whole

Pebble Beans
Pink Beans
Pinto Beans

Rattlesnake Beans
Rice Beans

Scarlet Runner Beans
Small Red Beans
Snow Cap Beans
Soy Beans
Swedish Brown Beans

Tarbais Beans
Tiger Eye Beans
Tongues of Fire Beans

Urad Dal
Yellow Eye Beans, Steuben


Autumn Blend Lentils

Black Beluga Lentils
Brown Lentils (Spanish Pardina)

French Green Lentils

Green Lentils
Green Lentils (Eston)

Ivory Lentils

Petite Crimson Lentils
Petite Crimson Lentils, Split
Petite Golden Lentils

Red Chief Lentils


Blackeye Peas
Chana Dal Peas

Green Peas, Split
Green Peas, Whole
Green Peas, Whole (Freeze Dried)

Pigeon Peas
Red Peas, Split

Yellow Peas, Granulated
Yellow Peas, Split
Yellow Peas, Whole

Gourmet Spice Company, Gourmet Spices, Spice Blends


Corn & Grits





Gourmet Spice Company, Gourmet Spices, Spice Blends


Amaranth, Ground
Amaranth, Puffed
Ancient Grains

Barley, Black
Barley, Pearled
Buckwheat, Groats
Bulgur Wheat, Coarse
Bulgur Wheat, Fine

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Flax Seed, Brown
Flax Seed, Golden
Flax Seed, Ground Brown
Flax Seed, Ground Golden
Freekeh, Cracked
Freekeh, Whole Grain Naturally Dry Roasted Grano (Whole Kernel)

Pearled Wheat Job’s Tear

Kamut Brand Wheat (Organic)
Kaniwa Kasha, Toasted

Millet Seed
Multi Grain Blend

Nine Grain Mix
Oat Bran Oats,
Rolled Oats, Steel Cut

Quinoa & Ancient Grain Blend
Quinoa, Black
Quinoa, Crisped (Organic)
Quinoa, Flakes
Quinoa, Golden
Quinoa, Incan Blend
Quinoa, Puffed
Quinoa, Red
Quinoa, Red/Black Blend(continued >)

Juniper Berries
Juniper Berries, Ground

Mace, Ground
Mace, Whole (Organic)

Nutmeg, Ground
Nutmeg, Whole

Red Pepper, Crushed
Red Pepper, Crushed (Extra Hot)
Red Pepper, Ground (Cayenne)

Saffron Powder 1oz
Saffron, Threads, Select, 1 oz

Star Anise
Star Anise, Ground

Sumac, Ground

Turmeric, Ground

Rye Berries
Rye Chops
Rye Flakes, Rolled (Organic)

Seven Grain Mix
Sorghum (Popping)

Teff, Brown
Triticale Berries
Triticale Flakes, Rolled

Wheat Berries, Hard Red
Wheat Berries, Soft White
Wheat Bran
Wheat Germ
Wheat Gluten (Vital)
Wheat, Cracked

Corn & Grits

Corn Flour
Corn Husks
Cornmeal Blue, Stone Ground
Corn Masal, Blue
Cornmeal, Red
Cornmeal, Yellow, Large Grind
Cornmeal, Yellow, Medium Grind

Grits, Stone Ground Artisan
Grits, White Hominy

Masa Harina

Posole, Giant White
Posole, Purple
Posole, Red
Posole, White

Sweet Corn, Freeze Dried


Fregola Sarda (S,M,L Pearl)
Fregola Rustica Mix

Lebanese CousCous

Mediterranean Blend CousCous
Mediterranean Spice CousCous
Middle Eastern CousCous
Moroccan Spiced CousCous

Spinach CousCous

Tomato CousCous
Traditional CousCous
Tri Color CousCous
Tri Color Middle Eastern CousCous

Whole Wheat CousCous
Whole Wheat Middle Eastern CousCous, Toasted


Autumn Squash Polenta
Mediterranean Kale Polenta
Porcini & Truffle Polenta
Roasted Sweet Pepper Polenta
Southwestern Green Chile Polenta
Tuscan Vegetable Polenta

White Polenta, Coarse
White Polenta, Fine

Yellow Polenta (Organic)
Yellow Polenta, Coarse Italian Style
Yellow Polenta, Fine Instant


Autumn Harvest Orzo
Black Bean Orzo
Black Calamari Orzo

Gourmet Pasta Legume Blend
Lemon Garlic Orzo
Maize Orzo

Plain & Tomato Orzo
Plain Orzo
Porcini Orzo

Rainbow (Tri-colored Italian) Orzo

Southwest Red Pepper Orzo
Southwestern Mix Orzo
Spinach Orzo
Spring Medley Orzo
Supreme Mediterranean Orzo
Sweet Potato Orzo

Toasted Orzo
Tomato Orzo
Tuxedo Blend Orzo


Gourmet Spice Company, Gourmet Spices, Spice Blends


Arborio Rice, Brown
Arborio Rice, Domestic
Arborio Rice, Italian

Bamboo Rice
Basmati Rice, Baby (Kala Jeera)
Basmati Rice, Brown
Basmati Rice, White
Bhutanese Red Rice (Himalayan Short)
Black Japonica Rice
Bomba/Valenca Rice
Brown Rice, Short Grain
Brown Rice, Long Grain (Pecan Style)
Brown Rice, Long Grains (Organic)

Calasparra Rice
Camargue (French Red) Rice
Carnaroli Rice
Chinese Black Rice (Steamed)

Gaba Rice (Sprouted Brown Rice)
Himalayan Style Red Rice
Jasmine Rice

Kermes Rice
Kokuho Rose Rice
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Mochi Rice
Natural Red Rice (Wehani)

Parboiled White Rice
Popcorn Rice
Purple Sticky Rice

Rose Matta Rice

Saffron Rice
Speckled Sushi Rice Sushi (Botan)

Rice Sushi (Brown)
Rice Sweet Thai
Rice Vialone Nano

White Rice, Long Grain
Wild Rice, Broken
Wild Rice, Canadian (Org)
Wild Rice, Fancy
Wild Rice, Quick Cook


Butternut Squash Risotto
Funghi Porcini Risotto
Pumpkin Risotto
Risotto Flavor Ready Rice (Porcini)
Spinach Florentine Risotto

Rice Blends

Asian Blend
Auburn Rice Blend

Cajun Dirty Rice
Coconut Curry Rice
Coconut Green Curry Rice

Fregola Rustica Mix
French Gourmet Blend

Latin Blend

Midnight Blend
Minnesota Blend Rice (Broken Wild)
Minnesota Blend Rice (Jumbo Wild)

Paella Flavor Ready Rice
Paella Rice with Peas

Salsa Verde Rice
Scarlet Rice Blend
Spanish Rice
Spanish Rice Blend
Speckled Brown Rice Blend
Spring Rice & Orzo Blend

Thai Coconut Red Rice
Tri Color Rice Blend

White & Wild Rice Blend
Wild Rice Blend